The aid convoy for Ukraine makes it possible to supply people in Ukraine with relief goods - made possible by an experienced and proven network in Germany, Ukraine, as well as Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania. In this way, the project was able to compile and process current and concrete lists of needs in a very short time and to send more than 16 trucks with a large quantity of humanitarian and medical relief supplies on their way in the first 7 days. These reach the affected people directly on the ground by being handed over to partners close to the border.  


There has been war in Ukraine since 24 February 2022. The beginning of the war was also the beginning of a humanitarian catastrophe. Our special bond with Ukraine has grown steadily over the years within the framework of the Friends Help! convoy and the Christmas parcel convoy.

The aid convoy for Ukraine makes it possible to supply people in Ukraine with relief goods. Our experienced and proven network in Germany, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania enables us to help quickly and in a targeted manner.

On the very first day, we received the first list of needs and were able to send 28 trucks with a large amount of humanitarian and medical aid on their way within two weeks.

The relief supplies for Ukraine reach their recipients and those affected by a handover near the border in Poland - we also travel to the neighbouring states of Moldova and Romania: our friends there are very involved in accommodating and caring for refugees.

On the ground, we have made close friends and are shocked by the pictures of the last weeks. The situation remains very confusing and the need for humanitarian aid is increasing day by day.

We have a network and the opportunity to do something. The willingness to help our convoy country is overwhelming - We are working flat out on several relief trips to help the suffering Ukrainian people.



We receive lists of needs almost daily from our friends in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

Ukraine needs medical supplies to care for wounded people

Moldova and Romania need food and hygiene items for the refugees

We started with a sprint and are now preparing for a marathon.


! We are NOT going to the war zone !

Our friends on the ground have given us confidential drop-off points where we can safely unload

Donation options

Stiftung Round Table Deutschland 
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG 
IBAN: DE20 550 205 0000 0000 1954 
Reference: „Konvoi“ 


Donations via PayPal


please send it as  "Family and friends"

Refrence: „Convoy“ 

Numbers - Data - Facts

92 trucks with 743 tons of relief goods plus escort vehicles on their way 

Over €3,500,000 in donations received for the implementation of the project and purchase of relief supplies 

numerous helpers working for the aid convoy 


Status: 17 May 2022

Media & Photos

Photo Pool

Due to the situation on site we can only publish very limited pictures. In this photo pool you will find a selection. 

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The pictures may be used freely for communication about the project and the service clubs. Naming of photographers is desired.


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Material Donations 


We accept material donations  for Ukraine


Based on the needs lists of our friends, we have now created a form for your offers of help.

Please all use this form, so we can act and react faster and better coordinate the donations in kind collected according to need.

Currently, we cannot accept toys, clothes or similar items, but only relief goods that are on the list. Please keep this in mind.

This list of needs is constantly updated. So please check back from time to time.

Medical needs are at the top of the list, please contact doctors, hospitals or similar to generate donations from them.

If you can provide us with other supplies that you think are important, please write them down as well.


Click here for the donation form: